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about us

Wild Rivers Photography is Clarissa & Nick (oh, and little Rivers Wild there in the middle). We recently relocated to San Antonio, TX and feel fortunate and excited to call it our new home base. Before moving to San Antonio we lived in Kansas City, MO and before that Nashville, TN, before that was Boulder, CO, and before that was Texas and Ohio. We’ve been everywhere, man… well not quite yet, but we definitely love to travel to new lands.

We both have a masters degree in fine art and we both love photography. That’s where the similarities end! You see, Clarissa loves a good hot yoga sesh while Nick could really go for a nice chilled jar of dill pickles. Clarissa is a wizard at propagating some gnarly succulents as Nick transforms a microcomputer and a broken desk fan into a Dr. Pepper dispenser.

But seriously, we both love to be outside with our son, watch awesome films, listen to great music, and discuss just about any topic under the sun amongst amazing company… late into the night… over delicious beverages.

We hope if you’re visiting our site we will have the pleasure of meeting you and even better, photographing you. We offer a variety of photo services, from full-day wedding coverage to 1-hour shoots and headshot sessions. We obviously love to travel and are more than willing to go anywhere you might need us. So please feel free to contact us. We would love to go over all the details and discuss any ideas that you might have, and if all you have is a simple question or comment then please do not hesitate to share. We can be contacted (here).


Clarissa & Nick (& Rivers)